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Doug Sorensen
Doug Sorensen, Senior Partner


Hi, I'm Doug Sorensen, senior partner of SMS Consultants and I want to welcome you! Feel free to call me personally when you are ready to take your business to the next level.



I bring to my clients more that thirty years of demonstrated expertise in business management and strategic business development for the manufacturing, services and media business sectors. I am very good at identifying and refining an organization's core purpose and vision and transforming these into quantifiable objectives and measurable results. Equipped with these metrics and measurement processes, a business operation applies vital tools for navigating toward acheivement of its goals in profitability, differentiation from its competitors, market share and innovation.

We engage with our clients in the practice of strategic analysis, start-up business modeling, international business development, project management and feasibility studies, and new product development. I work with both domestic concerns seeking to refine or grow their operations and with offshore companies seeking joint venture opportunities with US manufacturing and distribution operations.

I am also passionate about assisting 501(c)(3) charitable and Christian organizations seeking to expand or refine their overseas operations and mission objectives.


About SMS Consultans and Sorensen Media Strategies

SMS Consultants provides strategic advisory and project management services to a wide range of business verticles. (See our portfolio of selected clients.) We focus on assisting our clients with improving or expanding their business operations, business strategy, structure & process and marketing stretegy.

Our historical practice includes advisory services to USA industry and manufacturing. These services include feasibility studies, marketing studies and process modeling for companies seeking to plan and roll out manufacturing and marketing operations in advantaged offshore locations. Such enterprises may be in the form of wholly-owned subsidiary or joint-venture.

Sorensen Media Strategies specializes on television, video and on-line media. For example, we help television and media companies in small and medium markets gain competitive advantage through leveraging their core competencies across domestic markets as well as the collaboration, content creation and distribution opportunities in international markets.

Sorensen Media Strategies provides technology services including system infrastructure audit, engineering and design services, quality control, turn-key system integration and training. These technical and engineering services may be offered independently of or in conjunction with a business rescue engagement.


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